Dedication to Quality & Compliance

At Talon, we are committed to maintaining the very highest standards of quality and compliance for all of our products, with rigorous testing to ensure all of our products meet the exacting demands of our customers.


Each of Talon’s manufacturing partners is managed with a strict adherence to quality control with a dedicated team of on-site inspection engineers, as well as our regional Compliance and Brand Integrity teams. These teams ensure that the factories strictly follow the manufacturing methodologies, material controls, production processes and inspection and testing specifications Talon dictates to provide superior quality to our customers. Talon places product quality and safety first among its manufacturing priorities and backs this commitment with an extensive investment in quality and compliance control within its factories, as well as its corporate organization.


At Talon we have built a comprehensive network of quality manufacturing facilities and full vertical management for all aspects of the supply chain. This strategy provides us with the strength and flexibility to serve our customers cost-effective solutions, superior products and prompt, flexible delivery schedules to meet the demanding timelines of the apparel industry. Numerous major retail brands worldwide, recognizing Talon’s commitment to quality and service, honor Talon as a preferred supplier of choice in their programs.


Talon uses only certified compliant raw materials from nominated suppliers who have been fully vetted by our company. All of our raw materials meet the rigorous certifications of independent, as well as in-house testing and random spot checks. Lot traceability is maintained for raw materials used in our products, and records are available to our customers upon request.


Talon offers our KZ line of zippers that are specially designed to comply with all child safety regulations and are guaranteed to meet safety requirements for small parts and sharp edges, as well as all needle detection equipment requirements.


We value our employees and manufacturing partners and are committed to creating a positive working environment for everyone. Talon factories are routinely audited to assure compliance to the social and ethical compliance requirements applicable to their locations, as well as the compliance requirements of our customers.

In addition, we’re also invested in keeping our environment clean and safe for generations to come. All waste from our factories is properly disposed of, with careful record keeping to ensure consistent quality and sustainability to assure compliance with local environmental regulations.


As the world’s original zipper brand, Talon is dedicated to providing unwavering quality to our customers. With our own system of Methods and Standards for quality assurance and performance, we also routinely perform additional testing in accordance with other international standards required by our customers.

Internal Factory Standards for quality and performance are maintained within all of our factories during manufacturing in order to assure that our products exceed the Guaranteed Performance Standards that we assure to our customers. We also perform this testing on each finished lot of zippers based on AQL sampling. All testing records are available to our customers upon request.