About Us
At Talon, we invented the world's first zipper in 1893, changing the face of fashion forever. With a pedigree like this, it may seem like we would sit on the laurels of our earlier accomplishments. Instead, we're committed to moving fashion forward with custom trim, tags and a wide variety of printed marketing solutions. We continue our legacy of innovation in apparel technology with the introduction of Adjustec stretch technologies. Today, more so than ever before, design is in the details. With an unwavering dedication to quality, innovation and service, we value the opportunity to serve our esteemed customers with a wide range of custom trims and zippers with equal attention to form and functionality. Heritage is who we are, innovation is what we do.

It's In Our Blood


At Talon, we believe that design is in the details. From trims and tags to zippers, buttons and that hint of stretch in your collar, we're committed to moving the fashion industry forward with innovative design solutions that match form and functionality with ingenuity. With a spirit of collaboration, we view our clients as partners in the design process, creating fully customized solutions for a wide variety of styles and products. We pride ourselves on our spirit of service, superior quality products and efficient delivery. Our responsive global sales, product development and fully integrated distribution channels all work together to fulfill our number one priority: creating excellent customer experiences. Talon's "hands-on" approach, long-standing senior industry relationships, skilled creative services team and end-to-end solutions allow us to create unparalleled value and flexibility for our customers.

Since 1893


Founded in 1893, Talon is the original zipper company, and one of the world’s most recognized brands among apparel consumers. As is often the case, a fashion necessity drove the invention of the first zipper when high-button boots hit the scene. With up to twenty buttons to fasten—a challenge for the most nimble and skilled—it became clear to the Talon founder that there must be an easier and less time-consuming way to put on a pair of boots. And that single thought was the driving force behind the invention of the Talon Zipper.

Innovation Driven


While we’re proud of Talon’s chronicled history, we stake our reputation on the quality and practicality of today’s products. The world’s leading apparel companies and designers turn to Talon for the latest in high-tech, reliable and cost-effective products. From the M42, a reinvention of the classic metal jeans zipper, to custom-designed pulls, Talon stays fresh in the market by creating relevant and fashionable products. Talon zippers and trims are tested and approved by virtually all major brands and retailers, continuing our legacy of quality and innovation.




Founded in 1893, Talon is the world's oldest and one of the largest brand name zipper makers. For more than a century, the Talon zipper has been the industry benchmark for quality and innovation.


Keeping Feet Dry For 100 Years & Counting

During the late 1800s, Talon zippers were used in rain boots to keep feet warm and dry.


Only The Best For Our Service Members

At the turn of the century, Talon's trademarked zippers were stitched into Navy life vests--the ultimate indicator of quality that has stood the test of time.


The Tradition Continues

In the 1940's, Talon's signature zippers were stitched into leather bomber jackets to keep wartime GIs safe and warm.


Jeans Culture

Talon increased its role and visibility in the fashion industry, playing a major part in the popular jeans cultures of the 1960s.


Acquisition of Talon Brand

Early in the 20th century the Talon brand and zipper became, and has remained, a household name. While corporate ownership of the brand changed over time, the company's dedication to development of superior quality products has remained. In 1996 as Tag-It Pacific, Inc. we acquired the Talon Brand.


Name Changed To Talon International, Inc.

In 2007 we changed our name to Talon International, Inc., to clearly reflect the history and heritage of our company.


Continued Innovation

Talon continued to be on the forefront of apparel apparel technology with the invention of Tekfit stretch technology, as well as the best-in-category trims, zippers and tags. We know that creating solutions and problem solving is key to keeping and growing business.


Talon Goes Green Reducing The Impact of Litter In The Environment

Talon partnered with a Japanese technology company to develop its oxo-biodegradable plastic bags. This technology has been awarded the US patent 6,482,872. Additives that enable plastic to oxo-biodegrade are currently sold in more than 20 countries. Applications for oxo-biodegradable plastics range from packaging materials, diapers, covers for agriculture, medical masks, to balloons for events.


Talon Launches A Revolutionary Proprietary Zipper

Introducing the Character Zip. The next gen in zippers. A sophisticated, yet powerful way for consumers to display brand loyalty. A new concept for kids to show-off their favorite animated characters, fans to indulge in their sports obsessions and a fresh way to flaunt bling on a garment. And that is just the beginning… The proprietary design of the Character Zip makes it easy to use. The traditional zipper pull is replaced with an intuitively engineered mechanism that meets all the strength and compliance requirements but functions differently than a standard zipper. Picture your favorite Disney Avengers character, a popular emoji, a top NFL Draft player Jersey, or your corporate logo. The possibilities are endless.


Talon Launches PPE Division "Talon Protective Gear"

“For over 125 years, Talon has supplied the fashion industry with trims, zippers and other related products,” said LarryDyne, CEO of Talon. “Today, the world has very different needs. I’m proud of the team at Talon for taking on the challenge of redirecting all their efforts to supplying our country and local communities with safety equipment that will save lives. This team is passionate about being able to help the whole world in this effort. Our entire supply chain is mobilized and ready to meet this global challenge. Our 125 yrs.of expertise in managing supply chains and global logistics will aid this effort.”