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Talon's Care Craft Pro
Introducing a revolutionary solution for all your care label requirements: the Care Craft Pro. This innovative system offers a seamless experience, effortlessly meeting your needs with its user-friendly interface. With just the push of a button, access a multitude of languages, up to 30 in total, making it perfect for global markets. What's more, it automatically populates care symbols, even incorporating Japanese and Korean characters for comprehensive inclusivity. Powered by AI, this system operates at 100% automation, efficiently managing your workflow with precision and ease. Say goodbye to complexity and hello to efficiency with this cutting-edge solution.

Worldwide Use


Talon's Care Craft Pro presents a groundbreaking solution, offering customers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the input of essential details for care labels, regardless of their location. The intuitive design ensures effortless navigation, allowing users to swiftly input all necessary information through a streamlined dropdown menu. This innovative approach reduces the time needed to create comprehensive care labels to mere minutes, enabling businesses to focus more on their core activities while ensuring accurate and compliant labeling. Moreover, the app's accessibility empowers users worldwide to create professional-grade care labels tailored to their specific needs, fostering efficiency and consistency in labeling practices across diverse markets and industries.

Communicate Care To Anyone


With our app, creating care labels for garments sold internationally is not only efficient but also linguistically tailored. Talon's commitment to inclusivity ensures that garment care instructions can be communicated accurately and comprehensively, transcending language barriers and catering to the global fashion landscape.

Streamlined Workflow Management


Users can preview, edit, and approve care labels seamlessly. The dynamic preview ensures precision, while real-time editing allows for instant adjustments. The user-friendly interface and approval system makes it easy to track the status of each care label, providing a streamlined workflow.

Care Labels Sent Anywhere


After completing the label, users can effortlessly input order details. The platform offers the flexibility to save or submit the order, providing convenience for users to review and finalize their choices. The sales order details are presented in a clear and comprehensive layout, ensuring transparency and facilitating a quick overview.