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Supplying Over 1 Billion Units Of PPE

Talon International has over a hundred years of experience serving the world’s most famous brands in the apparel and retail industry such as Polo/Ralph Lauren, Guess, Walmart, Vans to name a few. Our manufacturing network and raw material supply chain for our customers in America and around the world have worked with us for decades. We have mobilized all of our resources and strengths against COVID-19 to save lives. Our team is supplying PPE products for health care providers, company employees, supermarkets, drug stores, medical facilities, doctors, and nurses. We also provide custom private-label packaging for retailers and distributors to sell to consumers that will help save lives. It is important that you contact us immediately so that we can discuss your needs and lead-time. Our manufacturing facilities are updating us daily on production and capacity.

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Care Kit PPE

Care Kit PPE

Talon’s PPE Care Kit is designed to keep you and your family safe. With it’s on the go format, the PPE Care Kit will be a consumer favorite for daily essentials at your fingertips ready for travel, leisure, work and school. Each product within the PPE Care Kit is individually packaged to stay clean and easy to reuse. The PPE Care Kit is fully customizable, you can add your Custom Branded Logo and tailor it to meet your consumer’s needs.

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