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The Mission
We are an innovative and creative leader that pushes the envelope to bring forth new fashion technologies to the apparel Industry. We combine our old world expertise and industry know-how with our cutting edge technology to solve your challenges and to become your full package solution.


Character Zip

Talon’s Character Zip is revolutionary to the zipper industry. This absolutely unique product was designed with cutting edge technology…that you can expect from the inventors of the zipper. The Character Zip is next generation level as it is a sophisticated and powerful way for consumers to display their brand loyalty. Great for kids to show off their favorite animated characters as well as fans to indulge their sports obsessions in a fresh way. Show that bling off in a zipper! The best part is, the proprietary design of the Character Zip makes it easy to use. The traditional zipper pull is replaced with an engineered high-quality mechanism which meets all the strength and compliance requirements.



The Bandroll was created to offer a durable, stretch-fit solution. Unlike elastic, the Bandroll can withstand washes without breaking- maintaining its original shape every time. This new solution creates a sustainable element that will last throughout the entire lifetime of the garment. In addition, the Bandroll is a perfect opportunity for brands to customize and market their products.

Sustainable Solutions


Talon is taking the lead as a supplier to major brands in the space by equipping its customers with solutions that decrease their environmental impact and carbon footprint. Brands who switch to sustainable solutions provided by Talon will meet the needs of this growing consumer-base. In addition, Talon has other sustainable offerings such as PET yarns. PET fibers are naturally stain, wear and fade-resistant. They express low moisture absorption and are exceptionally strong & durable. We're also leading the way with our recycled leather consisting of 60% animal origin – the unwanted by-products of industrial gloves, 20% vegetable origin – rubber from trees, relying on only 20% synthetic material – simply water and pigments. These products will not compromise durability or functionality - they will simply enhance it. Your consumers will now shop at ease knowing that their purchases are manufactured and packaged with the environment in mind. Contact us for all our sustainable solutions.

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