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The Mission
We are an innovative and creative leader that pushes the envelope to bring forth new fashion technologies to the apparel Industry. We combine our old world expertise and industry know-how with our cutting edge technology to solve your challenges and to become your full package solution.

Care Labels In Minutes


Introducing a revolutionary solution for all your care label requirements: the Care Label Maker. This innovative system offers a seamless experience, effortlessly meeting your needs with its user-friendly interface. With just the push of a button, access a multitude of languages, up to 30 in total, making it perfect for global markets. What's more, it automatically populates care symbols, even incorporating Japanese and Korean characters for comprehensive inclusivity. Powered by AI, this system operates at 100% automation, efficiently managing your workflow with precision and ease. Say goodbye to complexity and hello to efficiency with this cutting-edge solution.

Talon x Vela

Plastic-Free Bags

We're thrilled to announce our partnership with Vela™, a brand driven by a commitment to positive environmental change. At Talon International, we're dedicated to sustainability, and teaming up with Vela™ allows us to take another step towards a greener future. By utilizing sustainable and recyclable paper packaging solutions from Vela™, provided by Seaman Paper, a renowned leader in the industry, we're actively working to replace and prevent pollution. Together, we're not just making products; we're making a difference.

UV-Protected Zipper

Your Sunshine Shield

Talon Soleil Zippers redefine durability in the realm of marine equipment, now fortified with UV protection for unrivaled performance in even the harshest maritime conditions. The addition of UV protection elevates their resilience, shielding against the sun's punishing rays and ensuring longevity in extreme environments.


Character Zip

This absolutely unique product was designed with cutting edge technology…that you can expect from the inventors of the zipper. The Character Zip is next generation level as it is a sophisticated and powerful way for consumers to display their brand loyalty. Great for kids to show off their favorite animated characters as well as fans to indulge their sports obsessions in a fresh way. Show that bling off in a zipper! The best part is, the proprietary design of the Character Zip makes it easy to use. The traditional zipper pull is replaced with an engineered high-quality mechanism which meets all the strength and compliance requirements.

Design Is In The Details